SELLING TIP - Tidy up & presentation is key...

March 25, 2019



• selling your home tip •

Tidiness goes a long way towards staging a successful open for inspection. Not only does it help to present the property in the best possible light, it gives off the impression that you take good general care of your property.

This will help smooth over any concerns buyers might have about underlying structural issues.

Deep clean your home and carry out any essential garden maintenance before you list your property, and remember to give it a good once over before inspections.

Vacuum carpets, scrub surfaces and skirting boards, and remove grease from your oven and stove. And pay extra attention to how your property looks from the street, as this will greatly influence a buyer’s first impression.

If you’re short of time, consider bringing in a professional cleaner. It may seem like an unnecessary and expensive cost, but a poor open for inspection will cost you much more.

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