February 21, 2019



Did you know that KS Property Solutions has a VIP buyer program?

By joining the VIP buyer program and our Face book pages you become part of the "KS Property family"allowing you to get a sneak peak at whats going to be coming on the market well before it hits the market to other buyers.

This gives you the jump start on booking an exclusive appointment to view and purchase the property...

As part of the "Family" you also get emailed our monthly update which is full of useful hints and tips to assist you be well informed on a variety of different subjects.

No matter how far off you are from buying be it 4, 6 or 12 months away knowledge is power and studying the market and gaining an understanding of what you can afford and what you will get for your money means you are well informed and confident with your decision when the time is right for your purchase your 1st ,2nd or 3rd home or commence building your investment portfolio.

Gaining an incite into the market and where you wish to purchase helps you plan how much you need to save and the costs involved with buying a home.

A great idea is to make a list of some other important things to consider when doing you research for your new home.

See some suggested ideas below:

What suburb you would like to call home.
Closest freeway access if you work across the border.
Proximity to schools,shopping precincts,churches and facilities.
Things to avoid when looking
Do you want to consider doing some renovations or avoid renovations altogether.
Do you require a small easy to maintain yard or larger yard for your family to grow into.
What size home suits your needs? 3 or 4 bedroom 2 living spaces or 1.
What council you will be under in the suburb you select to live in.
Is there public transport handy.
How much money will you need to save for a deposit and other associated costs with buying a property.

Do remember the more you know the more confidence you will feel when the time is right to make that purchase.


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