How to prepare your property for leasing...

March 6, 2018


So your thinking about leasing your home out? This can be quite an exciting time and also a daunting time for you. This may be your first family home and you are feeling nervous, wondering if the tenants will love and care for the home like you have for so many years. 


Rest assured if you have the right agent who can provide you with honest knowledge and advice, you should be on the right path to a successful investment. 


Here are some simple tips to help get your property ready for leasing: 


1. Ensuring all power points, smoke alarms and lights are all in working order.


2. A simple touch up to the paint work internally and externally can bring your home back to life, making it look and feeling fresh, plus is a very cost effective way to give that feeling of a new home. 


3. Making the gardens as low maintenance as possible. Trimming all bushes and trees etc..let’s call it a de-clutter in the garden. Also providing a simple layer of mulch will also make the home more appealing and look great in photos! You would be surprised how many tenants would prefer a nice, clean and low maintenance yard.


4. Getting all your appliances serviced, your oven, heating, cooling, hot water, dishwasher etc. This may help reduce any maintenance issues that may arise early on in the lease and also maintain the longevity of your appliances. 


5. Lucky last...find yourself a good agent! Do your research and ask questions. You need to ensure you have the best agent looking after you, your asset and your tenant. An agent who will maximise your return and not just “collect” the rent. 


When getting your property ready for lease, it may feel overwhelming, but just know by having a good agent it should be a simple process. 


This is your home, your asset, your investment, so be prepared to put money back into if required to maintain the rental and sale value. 


For any more information and advice please get in contact with us. 


Kaly Smith - 0407 620 479 

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