What you need to know when preparing your property for rent

August 3, 2017



Legislative requirements and other steps to be attended to prior to a tenancy: 

o The premises and inclusions are to be clean and are to comply with local and state authority building regulations with it being safe and fit to live in.

o A Safety Switch is to be installed for the power circuit. Owners of leased domestic residences must have a safety switch installed for the power circuit of the residence after a residential tenancy agreement has been entered into.

o All windows and doors including cupboard doors open and close easily.

o All locks are secure and operate effectively with keys.

o Full set of keys to be provided – one set for the agency and one full set and access keys if applicable for each tenant/s named as the lease holder/s under the lease agreement.

o The property provides adequate security to enable Tenant/s to obtain contents insurance for personal items.

o Carpets are professionally steam cleaned.

o Pest control is current – annual service is a requirement

o All houses and units must have installed at least one nine volt battery-powered smoke alarm as a minimum legal requirement. Recommendations are hard-wired or 10-year lithium battery smoke alarms for cost effectiveness and reliability. (Fact sheet available upon request).

o If a telephone connection is not currently installed in the property then the Landlord is to reimburse the Tenant installation costs applicable at time of commencement of tenancy. (Tenant responsible for the connection).

o If a unit or townhouse, a copy of the By Laws is to be provided to the managing agent, a copy will be kept for the agent file and a copy given to the tenant.

o If it is your own home being rented out, we suggest the following:

• Re-direct mail via Australia Post

• Notify the Council of your forwarding address for Rates Notices if you have not instructed our agency to pay the rates on your behalf.

• Notify electricity, gas, phone and other utility companies to finalize accounts if applicable, and provide your forwarding address details.

• Notify your Insurance Company of the change of occupancy status.

o If water consumption costs are to be passed onto the Tenant ALL the minimum criteria is to be met as legislation requires. (Fact sheets available on request).

o If your property has a pool, ensure it meets current Government Regulations in regards to fencing, CPR signage and water consumption/use. Fact sheets are available upon request

o Landlord Protection Insurance. Whilst rental reference checks are completed as thoroughly as lawfully allowed, we can not predict or know how a Tenant’s future ability to meet their tenancy obligations can be affected e.g. in event of death or long illness, loss of job, relationship split etc. We recommend all Lessors arrange an insurance policy to protect their investment. Brochures are available upon request.

o Contents insurance for your property’s fittings and fixtures – may be included with your Property insurances or incorporated in a Landlord Protection policy. As your managing agent we require that you have Public Liability Insurance for your property. If your property is a unit the cover must include the internal unit space. NOTE: Public Liability under Building Insurance, taken out by the Body Corporate, only covers the common areas. It does not cover events inside your unit.

o Provide agent copies of operating instructions or manuals for appliances or other items, which Tenants require instructions to use.

o Provide agent with warranty details for any applicable item or building works, if applicable.

o Exchange or arrange for the normal light bulbs to be exchanged for Energy Efficient Light Bulbs.

o Pre-place picture hooks on walls in best locations – this helps control the placement and number of picture hooks allowed and protects walls.

o Leave specific cleaning instructions for specific items e.g. solid stove hotplates – we strongly recommend you supply a set of covers for the plates as inventory items, as well as a tube of the element cleaner.

o Arrange for lawns and gardens to be trimmed and maintained regularly until the Tenant commences lease. Weed and mulch the gardens


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