How to complete a successful tenancy

May 10, 2017



To complete a successful tenancy you need to ensure you are doing the following:


- paying your rent on time

- keeping lawns and gardens tidy

- keeping no rubbish or old furniture out the front of your property

- watering your lawns and gardens

- reporting all maintenance when it arises

- ensuring your kids are not drawing or damaging walls, floors, blinds etc

- paying your water usage charges on time

- keeping animals outside and keeping yard clean of animal faeces


These are just some of the items you need to complete, to help ensure a successful tenancy. If you don't follow the steps to a good tenancy, you may find it difficult to rent another property and lose your good record, it is very hard to come back from a bad tenancy rating, think of it just like a bad debt history. 


Another note, if you pay your rent on time every week, this can go towards a savings record for when you are ready to purchase your first home with some lenders. 


Any more information or questions, feel free to contact us. 

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