Pets or no pets?

April 26, 2017


Should we allow pet/s in our rental property? This is a very common question we get asked by landlords. 


When considering allowing a pet in your investment property, you need to consider that not all pet/s are bad, there are tenants who are very strict on their pet/s and won't allow them inside or damage any part of the yard. 


If your property is vacant and you are advertising it as no pet/s, this might be restricting the enquiry level. It is very common for a family to have a cat or dog. 


My recommendation would be to advertise the property with pets considered upon application, therefore you are not restricting your enquiry levels, and be open to considering a great application who may have a little dog or cat. The tenant is also required to have the carpets professionally cleaned and fumigated if an animal has been approved to reside at the property. 


Keep in mind also, that you are not allowed to ask the tenant to pay a pet bond and you can't charge a tenant more in rent for allowing an animal at the property. You can request the tenant to sign a pet lease/special conditions clause which outlines the responsibilities of the tenant, if the pet/s are to cause any damages. 


If your a tenant and have been approved for the property without pet/s, we recommend you seek advice and approval from your agent or landlord, prior to purchasing a new pet. By not seeking approval for a pet you will be in breach of your residential tenancy agreement. 


If you would like anymore information or clarification on pet/s and tenancy agreements, please contact us. 

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