Getting the maximum return from your property portfolio requires a detailed strategy and plan. Our team will provide you with the information you need whilst ensuring you get the highest income with minimal vacancy periods and low expenditures. 

"Sit back & relax... 

KS have you covered" 

What does KS DO? 

We offer a complete Airbnb property management service. You know all that work you have to do when renting out your place on Airbnb... Well, we do all of that for you. So you just sit back, relax and enjoy earning money from your place. From bookings and key exchanges, to cleaning and answering all guest enquiries, we do it all.

So how do i get started? 

Simply scroll below our website and away you go! We’ll then be in touch with you to find out more about your property and answer any questions you might have. Then, if you’re interested, we’ll send one of our team out to meet you or to assess your property and get the ball rolling.

"We ensure your guests needs are met"

"We make hosting simple & stress free"

Does KS do the key exchange?

We sure do! And we don’t stop there. We do the key swap and then guide your guests through the property. No matter what time of day or night, we’ll meet your guests and make sure they’re in and everything’s sorted. We’ll even show them where the remotes are, where to dispose of garbage and take care of anything else you need them to know.

Will KS organise the cleaning and check before & after each guest?

We offer a complete service for Airbnb property management, so we can organise all of your cleaning needs. We’ve partnered with reputable cleaning companies who are trustworthy and do a great job. Additionally, we will check on your place before and after each clean to make sure the cleaning job meets our high standards. Already have a cleaner you’d prefer to work with? No problem! We’ll work with them in the same way to make sure your place is spotless.

"cleaning is all part of our service"

"your shopping concierge"

Can you restock my place with the basics after each guest leaves?

Yes! Based on our experience, and on your budget, we’ll recommend a number of things we think your place should have for each new guest. Things like shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, salt and pepper, olive oil and maybe even a bottle of fresh juice!

Do you communicate with guests as KS or under my name?

It’s up to you, but we recommend we introduce ourselves as KS, their on-call concierge for their stay. We’ve found that once guests are aware that we’re a dedicated host they’re more likely to call or email us with any questions, and not bother you.

"your on call concierge, allowing you to relax"

"we manage & screen all your guests"

What happens in the event of damaged property?

We do everything within our power to ensure your property is well looked after. That’s why we screen guests before they compete the booking. We make sure they’re verified and have positive reviews. If they don’t have enough reviews then we ask a number of questions until we are sure are the right fit for your place. Additionally, we thoroughly check your place with a condition report before and after guests leave to make sure all is well. 

How do you charge for your services?

We charge a percentage fee on each letting after we collect all income into a safe and secure trust account. Your income will be paid after each stay or at a frequency that suits you. A cleaning fee is also charged which your guests will pay. We use specific criteria to be able to accurately predict both occupancy and daily pricing.

"see the bright side & let KS manage your home"

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